Above all we aim to make buying a property an enjoyable experience.  We always collect you and drop you off, we can meet you off a flight and return you to the airport or your hotel. Our aim is to make your property search simple and pleasant.  We preview everything we can before taking you in, we save you time, leaving you free to continue your life. Our experience of the London and Home Counties market means we will have seen or been aware of, almost every property that has changed hands in last 20 years in the prime central area in which we operate.  We are therefore able to identify a property that we know will appeal to you and to make a discreet, but direct approach to the present owners to test the waters. 

We know in detail almost every street in London. The better side of the road, the ones with larger gardens, the ones which may be partly blighted by tube noise or an electricity sub station, early morning deliveries to a business which may not be obvious, and a host of other subtle defects that will not be apparent to most people on initial inspection. This is the knowledge that is so valuable, as is our knowledge of the market and values in any given area.

Off market vendors like us, they seek us out.  They know that we bring clients who are motivated and serious and that once a sale is agreed, it will usually proceed to exchange of contracts.  They also like the fact that we are paid by our buyers, not them, and tend to lose sight of the fact that we are therefore going to drive a hard bargain wherever we can.  Off market can also mean overpriced and very few houses are in fact truly off market in the real sense unless there is a need for discretion due to financial stress or celebrity status.  We make it our duty to know the reason for an off market sale and either way we know where to find them, so most of what we buy will never have appeared on any website.  

Buying is what we do 24/7, securing your chosen house for the best possible price and on the most favourable terms.

Rentals - The same high standards apply, inside knowledge of streets and areas, values and comparable recent letting prices.

Managed Sales - We never sell anything ourselves as we are not best placed to do so, but we introduce you to the right selling agent(s), advise on true value, discuss different marketing strategies, liaise over brochure production ensuring fabulous photographs, accurate floor plans, correct descriptions to ensure both market appeal and accuracy.  You can sell totally at arms length if you prefer, we select the right agent(s) for the property, negotiate the best terms for you, oversee the preparation of the the house ready for marketing.  We can even field offers, negotiate on your behalf and carry out due diligence on potential purchasers.

Negotiation - Our experience over 25 years and our inside market knowledge ensure the best possible outcome.  You are already ahead of the field if you are represented by an expert buying agent, estate agents know that you are serious and that you will be properly prepared, you are green lighted before you even start. Sealed bids - winning them is an art as much as a science, particularly doing so by the tiniest of margins which we have a track record of doing.  We thoroughly investigate the opposition, know the number of bidders, find out what is important to the seller, prepare the ground for a lightning quick exchange of contracts without jeopardising proper due diligence. We do our utmost to place our clients in the best possible position.